Thursday, November 01, 2018

Outside in

Not waiting for a surprise cold snap. Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, the swedish ivys were totally out of control. Bits of them have taken hold in the outside window boxes and can't be brought in. They look burly enough to stand a mild winter, but the cactus and tropicals come in.

There's another geranium and a huge purslane still outside that I need to find pots for soon.  Of course, I picked a gray tree frog off the carpet the next morning. He was dry and covered with dust fuzz so I washed him and put him outside so he could go about his business of hibernating, or whatever it is that they do. I'm sure I'll find a lizard or two soon. They can stay in. I have spiders galore.

That's Louie, the Diff. A wedding gift from our friend Donald in 1977. Life persists if you give it half a chance.


  1. wow a 40 year old Dieffenbachia, you have green thumbs!

  2. Louie has SOUL. I have hacked the canes to lengths, rooted and given away many, many times. There is one lone leaf in a tiny pot on my studio window sill right now. It sprouted in a discarded pot. Louie is glorious at the moment. Hoping this new indoor location will give him enough sun over the winter to keep from getting leggy.

  3. Yeah--Louie is looking really great!!!! I remember when he got transplanted.

  4. The secret is benign neglect!


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