Friday, November 23, 2018


...was very quiet and low key this year. Colin and I both had to work so we had to pass on an invitation to join the family at the mountain house.  Since there was no school this week, Charlie and I were partners in crime for two whole days and a sleepover.  It was sunny out so we spent a good time in the park working off some junk food.

He was great company. Taking care of a four-year-old requires that you stay the hell out of your own head; good for me this melancholy time of the year.

I got a turkey meal cooked after he went home and we'll eat off that sucker until the weekend. Maybe.

After I got all the dishes done this morning, there was time to make that pie which turned out dangerously delicious.

Since it was just me eating in front of the TV, I forgot the Tablecloth.

Forever ago, when I was cleaning houses for people,  a lady gave me this kit. A huge linen tablecloth, printed with this design of flowers, leaves, and butterflies.  And, a ton of ecru embroidery thread which I promptly threw out. Oh well. The x's were well entrenched by then so they stayed.
There were some instructions. Threw those out too. I think I was hoping the blue stamped design would wash out. It didn't so I dipped into my own embroidery threads and just went wild. After some time I discovered that those tiny x's were places that I was supposed to have snipped out. This was a cut-work kit from Macy's, circa the late 50s.

And, of course, my own personal touches were added as life moved us along.


  1. love how your wonderful sense of colour has made the pattern very much your own

  2. I tend to think of it as a total lack of sense. I suffer from nightmares where if I don't use all the crayons in the box, they plot my demise.


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