Monday, December 03, 2018

actual stitching!

It's nice to fool with my own Dirty Thread. As you can see, I've kept some of the tastier ones for myself.

This one seems a perfect fit for this project. But what did I say about going slow?  After the first length was used up, I got hasty and tried to use all six ply + two strands of bright blue rayon (wayward shit on a good day). Snag city, each stitch a pain in the ass.

So back to splitting the six and doubling each half, adding in whatever silly business I can cram through the needle's eye as the mood moves me.

and don't forget a slash of Thread Magic. Strange and wonderful stuff.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

LOVE. i still use just a single strand. one of six. And then as many back an forth stitches as is needed to create the thing i need.
I am so Good with this. It is so smooth and perfect an effect for
whatever it is...leaf, bark, bit of magical essesce
i love that you are stitching with them, however impatiently

Joanne S said...

I read that Grace used a single thread and so I tried it-- liked it. I also enjoy two threads and even three but with three threads means things bunched up. And I--once used one thread this way and a second the opposite way to "get more magic".

But I am like Grace--not wanting the magic thread to get used up-- as it's one of a kind.

Deb Lacativa said...

Go crazy. There will be more come spring.

Mo Crow said...

love your wild colours!

Robbie said...

Love the "dirty thread" colors!!!

Ms. said...

Mighty beautiful color! The bane of my existence is threading needles (don't ask why-just IS).

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