Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tuesdays with Charlie

Due to everyone's work schedule, each morning I get Charlie up, fed, dressed and drive him to school. Our routine is tight, a comfort to him and a blessing for me. On Tuesdays, I go back and pick him up in the afternoon.
He's learning that having a great day at school is happy business.  It was in the mid 50's this afternoon and we pretended it was summer with a picnic and stitching in the park. A gem of a day.


  1. Fortunate two.

  2. You are a lucky pair ;-)

    (he's growing up so fast !)

  3. Good News!!!! and he's grown so much in the last few months!

  4. The Cloth is incredible!!!
    And of course the boy and his gram, bit the Cloth!!!!

  5. bonding is wonderful! And creating all those memories!!!


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