Monday, December 17, 2018


 I was supposed to be doing Christmas cards and getting packages ready to go. Things got out of hand. Once Bruce hit the stage I was done.

This show was so excellent. I had closed captions on out of habit. The lyrics to some songs came as a great treat. Revelations!


Liz A said...

Such a magical cloth ... I dare to hope you might post some close-ups

And Springsteen ... to see him live is beyond words to tell. Taking our then teen-aged girls to the Rising Tour opened their eyes and broke my heart with the sheer magnitude of his words and music.

Els said...

Love your piece Deb : so bright and powerful !

Deb Lacativa said...

Thank you both regarding the piece. It might be the start of a series. DM pointed out that it looks like a tarot card.

Did you notice the Three of Swords on one of Springsteen's guitars?

Ms. said...

It does look a bit tarotish.
I'd stop everything for Bruce too.

Jan said...

This piece is gorgeous. I'll be back to watch for updates on it. Maybe I'll indulge in some Bruce today.

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