Sunday, December 30, 2018

No text after all.

"It's the heart that makes the heat"

Except for something to protect the back and a maker's mark, it's finished.  20"x13".

The title is taken from my novel in progress. Jack is infatuated with a married woman. He thinks he's giving himself a good talking to, but he's actually listening to a ghost.

Jack took a deep breath and submerged himself, water slopping over the sides of the sink. The music distant, his heartbeat close. Cooze is cooze...but you know she’s different from all the rest. You know how, but you won’t know why unless she tells you. It’s not up to you anymore because it’s the heart that makes the heat. He lifted his head back out of the water, wet hair plastered down over his face, coughed for breath and said,
Awright, Jiminy Cricket. Awright. I fuckin’ heard ya.”  


Joanne S said...

Absolutely NO WORDS NEEDED. Perfect. Love it.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

It GLOWS!!!! and pulses!

Dee Mallon said...

the cloth is really, really stunning, Deb.

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