Saturday, December 15, 2018

some eye candy

The mood at the moment. I know where I am. The way is only slightly impeded. I just don't feel like struggling at the moment. Resting. Waiting. The Tarot card would be the Hanged Man.

I was rummaging in old image files for inspiration. Instead, I got this clear, strong message. No stitching for the sake of doing it. 

Intent, purpose, is necessary for the form, the results, to matter. There needs to be a course to get out of the harbor, only then can a sailor wander.
More images from a lost archive. Date approximate 1930. My aunts Phyllis, Vera and my father, Charlie. The horse is either Tom or Jerry. My grandfather plowed snow from the streets of North Castle, NY with his team. Cut the grass along the roadsides by hand with a scythe. He taught me how to sharpen it before I was big enough to hold it properly. 


I'm no interior decorator, but this piece - it's colors and vagueness - has captivated me.

People have decorated their whole houses around less, I'll bet.

Come spring, these will be the colors for my house.


  1. Out of the harbor, you found compelling and beautiful images. Inspiration is always just there when one gets the space to let it.

  2. (((Deb))) you have such a magic sense of colour!

  3. I could live, happily, with the carpet. Magic.
    I tried so hard to make a feather when the project was started--but my feathers never looked right.
    Perhaps I have aged enough and should try again.

    When I force things...nothing works.

  4. That is a beautiful rug. I would definitely decorate around it, although I'm not sure I would wait until spring.


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