Saturday, April 13, 2019

Season 1st

I didn't think the dyefest would get off the ground today. Myriad foolish impediments that had to be dealt with one by one. Stupid stuff. Wrong gloves? Deal. Salt from last year clumpy? Run it through the blender. Forgot to buy small containers for dyestock? Switch to baggies.  Murphy's law was riding high. I got higher and it looks like the first batch of Dirty Threads from the Frankenstein Dyeworx of Lawrenceville is going to be a show stopper! You should see the three table moppers!

Tomorrow. Now I'm going to relax and come up with a suitable name for this lot. I never counted them. Sixty or seventy?

pre-dawn post script. I left them all over the kitchen table and counter, stacked house of cards style, each holding its neighbor up. They are 99% dry.  A few hours of sun and I'll be able to start my favorite compulsive activity- winding them off the dye cards onto the little cardboard bobbing. Feeling the smoothness of the cotton slip through my fingers. Watching as the color character of each one reveals itself in the sunlight. 


  1. Looks spectacular and bravo for pushing through murphys law!

  2. I WANT from this Frankenstein Murpheys Memorial dye lot

  3. Nothing is EVER gonna stop you!!!!

  4. "Watching as the color character of each one reveals itself" ... this is what I love about stitching with your threads. Each stitch with your floss is an adventure, so unlike the predictable monotony of commercial variegated threads.

  5. Grace! You've named them.

  6. Love it !

    (and how clean your fingers are .... !)


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