Sunday, April 07, 2019



This backing fabric has been waiting ten years or more for being called to active duty.

Once this part is done, I'll be faced with the struggle of orientation, although I may just leave that to the new owner when the time comes.

I'm so ready to start everything new. New cloth, new stories, new me.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...


Joanne S said...

Love that backing fabric!!!!
which way do you face? What do you stand-- for, with, up to, against?

I never have added a hanging pocket to anything I have made unless it HAD to be hung in a show.
Most of my sold work is framed under glass, oddly enough, by the new owners.
It's just the way people see it.
I do autograph the back. No one sees that.

Els said...

the circle of life ... one thing finishes, another begins

Liz A said...

how spring brings out the greening in us ... becoming new again