Saturday, April 27, 2019


As I pack up orders for thread and scraps, I have to restrain myself from holding things back on the off chance I might someday do something with them.

The river basket is full of bits and pieces of possibility - anything more would be a distraction.

After a busy morning of chores and errands, I picked this new piece up for a timed hour of stitching before my nap.

The trees stir in the warm air and confederate jasmine is as strong and effective as marijuana.


Mo Crow said...

had to look up Confederate Jasmine (((Deb))) it is a heady perfume and grows very well here in the Land Down Under but my favourite jasmine is Jasminum officinale grandiflora, the perfume is divine!

Dee said...

I was gonna ask about confederate jasmine, too! It must be a heady scent to compete with marijuana. I am loving having a big pile of your threads here in Italy. Because I brought so few other threads, the pieces I’m working on are getting an EXTRAVAGANT amount of your beautiful threads.

Judy Martin said...

Hello Sweetheart, from another one who times herself for one hour of stitch at a time.
I also like Gamd of Thrones
kindred spirits xo