Saturday, November 30, 2019


It was enjoyable. I was too busy to bother taking any pictures. Taught Jake how to make stuffing over the phone and it was perfect, as was the turkey. I got there in time to demonstrate how to wring rich, brown gravy from whatever comes out of the oven. Missy's broccoli casserole stole the show, in my opinion. Charlie declared saying Grace to be little heathen, but really, he'd already led a spirited discussion on what to be grateful for. He understands the concept.

The Strange and wonderful: Just before dinner, Missy got a message from a local friend. Immediate help was needed for some beings who were about to lose their lifelong home and family.

I didn't think about it. I said 'yes'.

Better pictures once they both come out from hiding, but this guy, Bailey, is personable and sweet. 
Sweetie disapproves highly, but I will spoil her extra until she re-finds the rhythm of living in the company of her kind.

ps. Look who just strolled in and climbed onto the bed. Her name is Salem.


  1. She is Beauty FULL, her spirit

  2. Charlie is a spirit full gem.

  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving, and bless you for taking those two lovelies in! Yes, Sweetie will need extra attention for sure. But what a loving thing to do to add two more to your family! <3

  4. making gravy ... my favorite contribution to the feast

  5. Love everything about this post. Everything. And I am interested in the amazing Broccoli casserole recipe. Daughter took home the two wide chair and a half chairs on Friday and her two cats set up housing keeping in them- each claiming one, thank goodness not the same one.

  6. Yay, two pretty kitty companions who have a new home in a precarious world. Reason for gratitude all around. Sweetie may not be too grateful for a while, but she can't be expected to imagine herself in their predicament. She has been lucky for a long time.


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