Wednesday, December 04, 2019

notes from an armed camp

I wish I had something else to post, but it's been a long time since we've welcomed family members into the household. Sweetie should be more gracious as she was the last to join the tribe, but truly, she never got along with Karma or Voodoo. There was always the possibility of a scrape, but the house is big enough for everyone to have their territory. Eventually.

Bailey is young, a teenager. Won't be two until sometime late next April. A bottle baby. He seeks to insinuate himself everywhere.

Salem, the black and white female, is more elusive, but beginning to show herself for moments at a time. That business of her climbing onto my bed...I think she might have forgotten where she was. Do cats sleepwalk? She hasn't appeared upstairs since.

Sweetie continues to moan and sulk.

I am absorbed by the impeachment hearings on TV. I would much prefer the earth open a firey mouth and just swallow him up, but I'll settle for the law taking him down, lawfully.

I'd really love comments from some of my international readers regarding this.


Joanne S said...

I was international for 6 years while Reagan was President.
I got grilled on the regular as to WHY he was President??? What was WRONG with people in America etc.
Now, I think it would be much worse.
In the 1980's they thought we were just stupid.

Mo Crow said...

(((Sweetie))) will feel a lot better about the invasion of her space if the new cats are kept in a separate section of the house for awhile with a closed door so that they can safely sniff under it and reach a paw acros, then when Sweetie starts settling and getting curious a baby gate and short play time sessions on both sides of the gate will help to make the transition more fun and friendly.
I was born in America but have lived in Australia for 50 years, the current regime is the weirdest one I have witnessed in my nearly 65 years on the planet, combined with the corporate takeover of our planet by the fossil fuel industry these are dark strange times
I live in hope that we will all wake up and start cleaning up the terrible mess we have made...