Sunday, December 22, 2019

the weekend

While running like Sonic the Hedgehog, Charlie tripped and did a face plant in the gravel at aftercare. His glasses probably saved his eye from worse injury, but they didn't survive.

When I asked him if it hurt, he said, "Only when people look at me like it does." So I gave him my biggest sunglasses for when we went into Publix and told him to say "NOT a barfight."

After shopping for all manner of snacks, we sat at the kitchen table and sorted through a large tub of Legos I've hung on to since Jake and Colin were kids. There was a lot of trash in the tub and everything we saved had to be sanitized.

He told me all about the other happy holidays all going on at the same time. Kwanza, Hanukka, and Santa Lucia which I learned (from a five-year-old) is a Swedish holiday. I explained Solstice. We feasted and had a lovely visit while Jake installed a replacement interior in Jim's old pickup, seats, flooring, seatbelts and all. I wish we'd taken some 'before' pictures. Its a miracle.

Since that last sampler, I've been avoiding the stitching chair in the morning. Too many other things need attention like those spider webs that are somehow between the screen and the glass. The lights are up year-round.

Once I get all my holiday packages shipped, I kind of collapse when it comes to decorating. There's a sweet little tree downstairs waiting for its decorations. In good time.

The new family members continue to find their place in our routines. Sweetie has been very tolerant of both of them. There's more contention between the newcomers than I realized. Bailey is full of teenaged energy and mischief. Salem is a lady and not please with his rambunctiousness and will disappear at the slightest disturbance.


Robbie said...

Glad Charlie wasn't injured anymore! Wow...glasses could have saved or created more injury. Lucky lad...and lucky you both had this time together!!! Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Charlie's scrape reminds me of when I was about 5, decided to take my tricycle to the top of a hilly street and stream down, then turn onto our street. I went sideways and scraped the whole side of my face on fresh gravel, just before I was to be ring bearer in my Dad & Step-mom's wedding! Fortunately, the scabs were gone before the big day... kids! ;-) Glad Charlie's eye wasn't hurt...

Liz A said...

to end up smiling ... good for you, Charlie!