Wednesday, March 18, 2020

biding my time

I learned very young to never say "I'm bored" out loud or you'd find yourself sitting at the kitchen table polishing silverware, cleaning the parakeet's cage with a toothbrush and Windex, or hand whisking the stair carpets - all three floors worth. There is no end of tedious housekeeping tasks that a five-year-old can do if her Grandmother hears those dread words. Being bored was unacceptable.

Aside from forced child labor, I still have Nelly to thank for introducing me to needle, thread & hoops.

So here's the nearest reading pile. TV has too much temptation to drop in the news. We all know what's going on and what we need to do, I hope. Not that I'm putting my head in the sand. Just not letting the sand clog my eyes, ears, nose, and heart.

More about things to read soon.
Thanks for the tip, Dee. The heating pad is my new best friend.

No particular injury to my back, but my job (Yay! I still have one and will as long as there are lawyers) and my avocation keep me in a chair way too many hours and I'm paying for that.

I miss walking and hope to get back to it soon. New sneakers arrived just the other day.  I went to the park yesterday, but couldn't even find a place to park for the families with SUVs fulla kids. Good for them. I have a yard that needs picking up and a street to stroll.

This, a reminder of Things I Used to Do and Look Forward to Doing Again, soon as Spring starts thinking about Summer. Big and Batik.


  1. Oh god I love that first paragraph — cleaning the parakeet cage with a toothbrush! Sorry about your back. Glad the heat feels like it’s helping. As for the books, I’ve only read one —Song Yet Sung and it was good. Vivid Chesapeake Bay scenes, cool stuff about how slaves talked to each other in code. And a larger than life female brute of a slave catcher. I think you’ll love that character.

    1. Thanks. All true. Nelly was a Supervisor. I started "Song..."a while ago, but set it aside for unremembered reasons. I do remember that character and will bump it to the top of list after I finish the Fifth Season which is reminding me why I so loved science fiction before I had any idea of anything being dystopian.

  2. I didn't even have to say I was bored ... Saturday chores included polishing all the brass in the house (from which my parents had thoughtfully boiled off its protective coating, the better to let it tarnish in the humid Long Island air) ... andirons, door knobs and plates, fireplace tools ... with Noxon liquid and no gloves that I recall ... plus all the silver for holidays of course ... need I say there isn't a scrap of the stuff in my home???

    and batik? really? I can't wait to see ...


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