Friday, March 13, 2020

tense times

He pulled the dusty cassette player off the shelf. I cleaned it, put in batteries but the tape playing mechanism was dead. The radio worked though and he was spellbound.

We had a great long day together today. His school has closed for the upcoming weeks. But I won't have much hand in his care.

 I'm going to welcome Spring here at home, lessening my exposure as much as possible. I guess, statistically, I'm in the risk group. I spent the big chunk of January with a respiratory infection that had me pissing myself with every damn cough.

So, not much will change. I work from home as it is. Have little to no social life and no travel plans to cancel.

I'm a little annoyed that it's probably smart to not pick up a book that I held at the library. I hate e-books, but I guess I better get over that.

Like everyone, hard emotions are running deep and wide. Last night I put on the movie "Yesterday". A piece of fluff to play in the background while I stared angrily at the manuscript, not really focusing. Even though the film is overly sweet and gently lame, hearing bits and pieces of the Beatles music was enough for me to leave it on. Then, there came a scene that hit me in the heart like a brick and I cried full bore, ugly for ten minutes. If I'd been in a theater, I would have been asked to leave.

I may need to do that daily for a while. You?


  1. WHY? not much hand in his CARE?

    1. Other, very good arrangements have been made. I'm still working full time.

  2. Take care. I’m not a crier but K was playing a Beatles channel on Spotify yesterday, old Dylan, too, and i can’t believe where I went. Elsewhere.

  3. that scene ... I know ...

    1. Right? I found a clip online, but I'm afraid to watch it again.

    2. I just found it, too ... watched it and cried all over again ... thank you for that ... truly

      when I first saw it in the movie theatre, I gasped, holding my hand to my mouth as tears streamed down my face ... it felt sacred

  4. Take care, cry as needed.


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