Thursday, March 19, 2020

afternoon drift

At first, I wished that I had planned this one better. Now, I'm forced into a way to insert some really rich profanity. White on white, maybe.

I never really minded the hermit life because it was by choice and I knew there was all manner of crazed doings going on out in the world- parties, parades, flash mobs, drive bys- you know, Life.

Now it's disturbing. Our town has a curfew.

I don't want to dwell on imagined outcomes, but I inherited a lot of hard times angst from that same grandmother who taught me embroidery. Not that she ever complained.

They did what they had to do. Tenant farmers during the Great Depression. She would take slivers of soap, soften them, then press them together into a multi-colored lump to keep on soaping. Teabags used all day long. Real rag rugs.

 This morning I set up online shopping for two different grocery stores. It took two to find the things I wanted.

It was good to see the stores limiting the quantities of things people can buy. You pick a time window, they bag it up, email you when it's ready, you pull up and they drop it in your trunk.

Two twenty pound bags of their favorite dry food and another forty pounds of cat litter was the find.

Knowing that at least Salem (the black and white one) and this demon know how to kill stuff and go to the bathroom outside is comforting.  He gets very pissy when I try to pry him out of the sewing chair.

It's my day off. Stop looking at me like that.


  1. Thanks for the music! I used to drive from Sheridan, WY, to Whitefish, MT, frequently... listening to Dire Straits most of the way. His voice is so distinguishable and no less wonderful with age.

  2. strange days indeed! with the connectivitiy of the internet and cell phones we have never been more capable of dealing with a pandemic in a rational and compassionate way

  3. HI
    I'm loving your blogs, especially your sense of humor. I wanted to ask about the "chant" that you post in the side column, the one that begins "By all that is sacred, the breath and the breeze." Are those your own words or are they from another source? If sourced from somewhere else, I'd like to know where so I can learn more. Thanks so much for all you share with us.

  4. Another friend asked about that recently. Yes, I wrote it years ago. I couldn't find a circle casting incantation that I like, so I wrote my own.


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