Monday, March 02, 2020

Springs dreaming

Other people break out seed catalogs and plan gardens.

I inventory my dyes. To my sweet surprise, I do not need to buy a thing.

Raven, Silk Black, Gunmetal, Bronze. The blues- Deep Space, Sapphire, Electric, Turquoise, Peacock, Blueberry, Robin's Egg...more. Olive, Avocado, Curry, Pagoda, Scarlet, Pomegranate, Sun, Golden, Lemon, Grape, Red Violet...   There's more but I'm dizzy!


  1. Pure poetry, those names!

    1. Taken right off the ProChem and Dharma labels!


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time traveling

One of the things I like best about Facebook is the way it dishes up random memories.  Colin was playing crack, er, technology dealer on...

Play it again Sam.