Saturday, March 21, 2020

the hardest part

It's been twelve days since I spent the day with Charlie. He was sick with a small fever a week ago Monday - back before a fever was terrifying. It was gone Tuesday morning, and he was fine and has been fine, but by the school rules, he had to stay home so I spent the day with him. It was the first day that he's missed school all term.

I didn't know then it would be the last visit we'd have for a while since we've all agreed that it's safest for everyone to limit our circles of contact.

We facetime, but I get the feeling that young children expect more from an electronic device than facetime with Nana can give. There are no big hugs, no silly business or fart noises. I miss him terribly. There is so much I still have to teach him. Learn from him.

I'm having a good cry along with "Yentl". Each and every time I watch it. 


  1. I miss the hugs ... the fleeting "hi Nana" hugs on the run ... the longer ones that cradle the words whispered into soft sweet hair, "I love you very very much" ... it is the hardest part ...

    be well

  2. just love to you, Deb. We need so much love right now...all of


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