Friday, March 20, 2020

Warm winds

I got out in the sun today and got the rest of the bigger sticks off the lawn in preparation for the long-overdue first mowing. By 230 it was nap city.

All the windows were open. Soft warm breezes were lurking in the curtains. The deep chimes on the high deck were very soft, almost apologetic. I didn't drift off, I dropped like a rock. Good sleep.

When I woke up, I realized how warm it was. 79 degrees out at the peak today. Warm enough to start thinking about the first dye fest of the season. It may not happen tomorrow, but soon.

As I work the phones tonight, I'm winding thread between calls. Tonight, I'll dream in color.

And did you see these wonders? Huzzah The Bucklings of the Hill!


  1. there is much wisdom here ... in stretching ourselves to the place where we can "drop like a rock" into a good sleep ... I washed our kitchen floor by hand and it felt really good ...

    Looking forward to the dye fest ... may you be joy-full in the doing

  2. I agree, long naps are possible and overdue here. Lovely colors!


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