Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Perle investigations and shopkeeping

I'm not thrilled so far.

The white, plucked straight from the hank, has a glaze or sizing on it that tends to make it grabby, catching on itself and being snarlish.

Did you know it can be untwisted down to four single strands? Why would anyone do that when there's DMC? Just being nosy.

Next pass, I'll use the natural but I'll give it a stroke of Thread Heaven to grease the way. It's what friends do, right? 

I'm thinking that the coating is a lot about how Perle cotton is intended to be used - tatting, crocheting - those sorts of three-dimensional manipulations and not the tortures of the damned that stitchers are likely to put it through.

 Still, it works up fast and fat if you need to make a loud embroidered statement. Looking forward to running a few lines with the blue. I had to bring the hank inside for drying. Might be a day or so.


And speaking of thread, Friday is shipping day. If you've ordered Dirty Threads and/or Fat Baggies they will be heading out before noon on Friday. 

Please email me when they arrive. We have to keep our eye on these bastards.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i need a stroke of something to grease my way

Deb Lacativa said...

Check with Alyssa. Any day now.

Ms. said...

I'm so far gone of stitching that the only thin I recognized was the four strands line. The rest of it sounded like a foreign language, but I go the gist I think and that could-be-a question mark about to grow legs for dancing, but I'm pretty sure it isn't. That white thread is substantial and your stash is like Christmas. May the USPO do justice to itself and resist all evil strategies. Goodnight/morning

Ms. said...

(add a K, a T)


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