Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another New Bad Habit

Someone (reveal yourself here) recently talked about expanding their blog reading away from strictly artquilt blogs. That set me on a quest. Clicking on the little "Next Blog" button can be akin to suffering a black-out drunk. You sit a the computer, start clicking and the next thing you know, six hours have gone by, there's drool on your chin and you've the beginnings of a nasty bladder infection. Well, OK, it hasn't gotten that bad - I do have a life even thought the ants in my kitchen don't think I have anything else to do all day but kill them one by one. Will someone please pass the word that I did all the dishes and wiped all the countertops and locked all available food up in plastic tombs!! Back to blog surfing. There is an incredible amount of wretched drek out there but, without benefit of search results I stumbles across this hilarity. I have to write and see if they'll let me play even though I am a complete knitting failure. I can crochet like crazy. Very crazy.

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Anonymous said...

find out where the ants are coming fun by watching where they are walking and use chalk to break up the pheromone path. I do that and while the chalk tends to look interesting to guests, it works. The ends get confused and don't know how to come back. For some reason, washing the walls, floors etc just doesn't work.
Cheers, Denise