Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Entering shows feels like timed trials with hurdles. Hoops of fire sometimes. If it weren't for digital cameras and electronic entries my work might never be seen anywhere. Last night I finally completed all the necessaries around entering three recent pieces in Art Quilts XI: Stages, Cycles & Fits. It's interesting that this show called for "Works that illustrate arrival at a new point in life, whether for better or worse. Pieces that fall together from a fit of passion and evolution." Evolution being inevitable, these new things represent three distinct directions for me. Sunny Jim is a nod to my quilters roots - making blankets out of whatever is a hand, most often stuff that other quilters would turn their noses up at all the while keeping my own storytelling style. Although these quilts are intended to be used, abused, washed and whatever, I got carried away with this one and put in a lot of hours hand quilting it. THAT won't happen again anytime soon. Just the thought of handquilting the other tops in this series feels like a sentence. They will go under big J's needle soon. Passing Through and Atavistic Inclinations both illustrate my delight and interest in finding out what comes of discharging my hand dyes. Deconstructing the color. That circular, cellular design element throws back to something deep and elemental because when I doodle, it's very often "cells". I'm keeping the sly cartoon thing going too - I like a good grin and shudder with my art from time to time. Swooning over beautiful color and design over and over is boring. We'll see what the jury thinks.


Melly Testa said...

I absolutely love your crazy, happy skull faces. Those stitchy teeth are fabulous.

Karoda said...

I just checked the link and the deadline was today...pushing it to the wire, uh?! Well, I'm cheering for you to make it in...all 3 pieces!