Saturday, October 07, 2006

House in Need of Love

I wish I had taken better care of these garden boxes this summer. This and one or two other buds may be the only blooms I get this year. Time for fresh dirt. My whole house needs a serious facelift. Remember the earthquake that was centered in the gulf of Mexico a few weeks ago? Well, I was one of those sensitive souls who felt it in this suburb of Atlanta. I was in the pool when it happened and didn't know it for what it was. I was hanging on to the railing, drifting and listening to a ballgame when it suddenly felt like someone had jumped or fallen into the pool, but no splash, just movement of the water around me. I didn't think a thing about it until it made the evening news. Now, weeks later, I have discovered that we had some minor damage to the house. Up near a peak around the back, a few boards of siding have fallen away and all the nails on one exterior wall have popped out almost an inch! As our house is built directly on a rock ledge it's no surprise.


Debra said...

And.. oh darn!!.. home insurance doesn't cover earthquake damage. But I'd talk to my adjuster to see if they could help.

Odd. We rarely feel eartquakes here because here because we are solid rock. Those on softer ground or fill feel a whole lot more. Unless it's the ledge part that made damage appear.

Karoda said...

being the kinda woman i am, i would have thought "paranormal", but then this could be the influence of watching ghost whisperer last night that involved a pool.

the bloom is it a morning glory...don't think i've seen them in white?

Deb R said...

Wow, who'd have thought something you could barely feel would do any structural damange!

Is that a moonflower in the photo?

Deb Lacativa said...

Yes, moonflowers growing in garden boxes on the deck off my bedroom. The smell will make you swoon.