Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh NO!! Another Postcard Procrastination Period

Just this one, I promise. There is too much else to do before I am seduced into sitting in front of the sewing machine cranking little wonders out one after another. There's lots of machine quilting to do and I finally got all the brown fabric I need to finish off the blocks for Big Muddy, trouble is, I am 99% certain that once finished, it's never going to leave my own personal bed.


Debra said...

Are you kidding?? If that was my quilt, it would be staying on my bed, too!! It's wonderful. You couldn't sell it, could you??

Deb Lacativa said...

I don't think so.
I was not going to hand quilt it but if I change my mind, you can bet it's going to be my winding sheet. Each of those units will finish out at about 13" square so it will certainly be big enough.

His Office, My Studio said...

I love the colors and design of your post card.

WOW Big Muddy is just outstanding! I would stay in bed too after doing that many blocks. You will have to come out sometime becasue you will dream a new project.

Karoda said...

Now that is one fun and amazing quilt to have on your bed...I might never get in...definitely guest bed outstanding!