Friday, March 23, 2007

Focus on Fiber - Fruit #1

I've finally gotten back into the studio, put things away (mostly) and gotten back to work finishing off the things that got such a flying start down in Florida. This piece was a rescue overdye of a few pieces that nearly got made into a rag rug. I mixed up a color I called "Monkey Brown" and got quite carried away with it but once I saw the fabrics drying on the line the elements fell into place without complaint or struggle. For once I am completely at a loss for a title (although "Giraffe Crosses Against the Light" was bandied about in the studio) so I asked Jim. He suggested "SOLD". I am considering it.


Sarah E. said...

lol I like this! Monkey Works, maybe or something Giraffe-y...?!

Debra said...

"Monkey works" words... but I'd probably stretch the image and call it "reticulated". It looks like a path to me and reminds me of giraffe patterns. (they are called reticulated aren't they?)

Anyway, you don't need to explain it, just name it! I get a royalty on the name.