Wednesday, November 06, 2013

vigil stitching

It may not come to anything but it has a different feel. Everything feels different now. I call this "vigil stitching"; I was up most of two nights in a row with Jim.

The festivities took a toll on him and yesterday's chemo hit him hard even though his docs were happy with his numbers going into the treatment. He is better today than yesterday which is all I could ask.

One more wedding shot, my most favorite so far; my son standing with the official,  his face when he first saw his bride.


that black girl artist said...

Oh my thoughts are with you.

I have a quilt i hand quilted when my mother was sick. At the time I referred to it as my 'pain quilt.' Now it covers my bed and allows me to think of her without pain every day.

Stitching is life. Keep going. Many are with you. Your work is beautiful


Deb Lacativa said...

Thank you Lauren.

Nancy said...

Thinking of you.
Your son looks so very happy :)