Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Lives They Loved

I posted this elsewhere but will make it my last here in 2013


The Lives They Loved

The NY Sunday Times magazine runs a feature at the end of each year called "The Lives They Loved". If you go there prepare to lose a lot of time and be deeply moved.

 I don't know if my submittal made the cut, they must receive thousands, but here is what I sent. It was very hard to keep it to the two hundred word limit.

"Jimmy made me laugh and I'm a tough comedy customer.

From the first day we met his mission was to make me happy, to hear me laugh. He wasn't a joke teller – it was all lightning wit and the gift of knowing just which funny bone to tickle. He would whisper something bawdy in my ear just to see me pretend to be a prude all the while peeing myself with laughter.

People were always glad to see or hear from him because they knew that at some point in the conversation there would be genuine laughter. He was a construction superintendent, the guy
 who is caught between management and labor and he always took pride in his ability to bring everyone around to his way of seeing and doing things. I think they wanted to share in his boundless sense of fun and good humor.

He was a wonderful father to our sons Colin and Jake and I'm so glad that he passed on his amazing gift of laughter to them both. Now, whenever I really laugh at something I hear his
 booming laughter in my heart I'm sure that he sent that moment my way with his love."  


Ms. said...

Lovely bit of writing. May your new year be full of laughter still.

Nancy said...

Awww...I love what you wrote here. I spent a very long time reading stories over at The Lives They Loved. I thought of you.
May 2014 bring you just whatever it is you need.

Virginia Greaves said...


jude said...

These are great gifts. the ability to give and receive joy.

Anonymous said...

This picture of you and Jim is "PERFECT!" As is the little portrait that Bamboota sent you - 'PERFECT! As is the love you shared with this wonderful husband and father -"PERFECT!" I know this year will be difficult for you, but try to remember the love that you and this "easy smiling" man, Jim, shared and perhaps that memory will dull the edges of that sharp pain you feel at this time, and hopefully as 2014 moves along, the pain will come less frequently as you go through the following days...I sent you: prayers that the pain will ease, and much love and many hugs...know you are thought of each and every day, many times a day...hoping my thoughts find their way to you and bring you comfort and peace...