Monday, February 24, 2014


I looked up from my book just in time to see this, which is NOT my photo, because I was sitting there grinning like an idiot at the spectacle. It was really much better than this picture - much lower and closer and I could see the green spike of the Statue of Liberty just to the left out of this frame.

This is the LaGuardia Airport approach to NYC on American Airlines. I've been flying into White Plains for some many years that I had forgotten how amazing NYC looks from the air.  Here in the suburbs an hour north, there is still a lot of snow on the ground. There won't be any time for a visit to the city this trip, but I will make time in the near future.  It's been too long.
(Reuters/Gary Herschorn)


Ms. said...

wow just saw this. It sure does look amazing from the air....but here at street level, not always o I fear. Still, there are many fine pockets for ordinary humans, and certainly lots for tourists with money. Have a lovely time.

Kit Lang said...

Love your (new?) header! (I usually read you in my feedly so I never get to see your *actual* blog).

Hope you have a wonderful vacation!