Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas closing in

I know that this time last year we all pretty much put our heads in the sand and wished the holidays away.

There was no tree, no decorations and no gifts that I recall except for this special one.

Charlie's quilt is nearly done - I have a day of grace for a little more stitching in the ditch - they won't be here for dinner until Friday so I get an extra day to clean, shop and cook!

Colin sparked the spirit in the house with a perfect little tree - nothing to excite the cats but, I think the baby will be impressed.


Nancy said...

My my what a difference a year can make. Sending you hugs and wishes for many happy moments with your family.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

The tree is lovely, and Charlie's blanket is too. Merry Christmas to you all..