Saturday, September 17, 2016

the GO'keefe

Without any conscious decisions along those lines, I've turned a pair of men's Levis into quite the womanly, utilitarian item. The choice of lining and pocket fabrics were really a matter of what was within reach of the sewing chair, I swear.

 In the beginning, there was going to be some embellishment, but when I get done hand setting and stitching the lining into place through all that denim, I can promise you that this one will be finished and ready for action.

Back before the internet, 1988 to be exact, I had a nifty little mail-order business selling detailed instructions for the DIY crowd. I ran little one-inch ads buried in the back of a few craft magazines because that was all I could afford.

Every single day I'd get mail with cash or stamps inside and then next day I would send out my four-page, lavishly hand printed and illustrated instructions for AZZBAGS. I also offered to "Do it for you", but I never had any takers for the service. No surprise, given where I was advertising.

Jeans were a disposable commodity back then, as now, so there was no shortage of cheap raw material. I made hundreds of these bags and other accessories and sold them briskly at craft and art fairs. Those were fun days.


Ms. said...

Quite an accomplishment and I love the olde drawings too....I'm all bagged out myself - I mean I have plenty enough.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this was just what i needed to see this morning. It filled me
with such we used to be so open and well, just
I don't know how many shoulder bags i made...whenever i was
feeling whatever, i would need a new bag. More pockets,
separations inside...dividers, i carried my whole life in them

and i just LOVE your hand print here....the image of the one inch ads
the SASEs
All of this...just love it

Joy Banks said...

Do you still offer those instructions? Would love to have a set!

Deb Lacativa said...

Joy, email me...deborah at lacativa dot com.