Sunday, September 25, 2016

small trials

Coming up for air after the worst head cold in memory. For forty-eight hours I was too sick to complain. Grateful to be upright and quasi-functional. I was so grateful for two full and productive days poolside last week  that it didn't matter that I was sneezing and sniffling until I sat down at the computer for the day job and realized that I couldn't talk or make sense of what I was seeing on the screen. Over-medicated much? None of it was making a dent in any of my symptoms and I discovered that more was not better. To bed.

It's past and over. So what used to take 24 hours now takes 48, a concession to age that I'm now willing to acknowledge.

This basket of delights is a fat baggie (picked with gloves and a mask!) that will be flying home tomorrow.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

fat baggies are a kind of angel

Els said...

Hope you get well soon again !
(those colours might help ;-) !)

Ms. said...

Sleep, lemonade, honey and being 'off the hook' are the best home cures. If you relapse, consider taking it seriously and checking your bacteria and viral parts with a trusted MD. Once or twice I mistook contact pneumonia for a cold and that was actually quite dangerous.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I hate colds! Had one for 10 days, but got through it.. finally drug my Neti pot out of moth-balls to get rid of the last of the crud in my nasal passages, then it was gone. Hope today finds you feeling much better!