Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Mom's Christmas cactus is struggling. I have to find the right kind of soil and a decent clay pot it can become rootbound in. Any advice from experts would be welcome.

The turkey is in the oven. Our tribe is very small this year. Jake, Missy, and Charlie are over the river and through the woods. Colin has the tail end of the flu so guests were warned off. I could allow for melancholy but there's too much to be thankful for. Balance, even now. Happy Thanksgiving.

Time for work in the studio. Peel a few potatoes and then beck to revisions.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

so much love and thankfullness for you, Deb...

Joanne S said...

If the plant is looking wilted (to you) it's one of these things--you know best what it could be--
1. too much water 2. soil that has no nutrients 3. too much sun 4. Not enough water and since they are all setting flowers and blooming--I'm going with needing some water.

It looks to me like you have branches from two or possibly three types of cactus Pink, red and white
The rounded edge branches are Thanksgiving cactus (white), the branches with sharp pointed edges--Christmas cactus (red)--- Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I inherited one from a friend this year and did some study on how to care for them. One thing I have done is add a saucer with pebbles, and I add a little water there to bring humidity to them. The one I inherited was in a small pot and I immediately transplanted into a plain clay pot with potting soil... it has grown a lot, and seems to be thriving now. No blossoms set yet, but mine bloom later than yours, based on pix I have seen you post in the past.
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!