Friday, November 17, 2017

Celebrate a life by living

Four years. Four days. It's all the same when you miss someone minute by minute.

We do our best to let Charlie know his Grampa Jimmy through pictures and stories. His guardian angel tends us all.
ps. I fired up Jumpin' Jack Flash and took the long way to get a few overdue errands done. Found the new Hotel California Sirius station and rolled loud, windows down, moonroof open. When I got home, I made a batch of Jim's Best chili and my prize-winning cornbread. For dessert, I took the harvest for a test drive. I know he would have approved of all of it.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

something about them is so the same

Els said...

Oh my Deb, that long ?
Good you learn him who he was, then he's still there
(like he is in your heart and thoughts)
All the best.

Joanne S said...

Every single time you mention Jim's Best Chili--I get hungry!!!
My little Honda FIT radio just won't crank loud enough for those kinds of days. Damn.