Monday, December 14, 2020

A (small) blaze of Glory

I've always wanted a fire pit. This cast iron pot hasn't done anything but smell bad since I burned a pot of chili in it over ten years ago. I'm talking incinerated. The lid was on tight and I thought the burner was off. I chipped the charcoal out of it with a chisel but never could get rid of the smell.

Now, it's serving again. There was an incantation.

I need to get a bag of marshmallows to have on standby if someone calls the cops or fire department. I hear they'll give you a pass if you are cooking and not just burning leaves. 

After working on trucks and cars all weekend, the guys took a minute to go find a Christmas tree. It's just big enough.

I'm likely to be wordless here for a while. Putting them elsewhere. Taking a deep breath along with the rest of the country. Tending hearth and home. Celebrating and sharing as I can. Making plans for the future!

Change, as sure as the sun and the tides.


Liz A said...

your boys make me smile ... what good guys they look to be

wishing you gentle joys in the coming days ... along with health, happiness and peace in the new year

Nancy said...

Deb~ I had a pot just like that...J found it in the hills and brought it home for me to dye in. It didn't make the move. I kinda miss it. Your has a great new use and I bet Charlie would love to toast marshmallows!
It is so nice to see your 'boys' there :)
Enjoy your time of quiet.