Saturday, February 18, 2023

As if we could park time.

Mudcats Picnic from 2008

A little pillow that's held up pretty well. Spent time in Charlie's crib. Kicked around with his plushies. In the car for a while. Then came back here with the layover. Poor thing has been a cat's tuffet most recently.

I took it apart for a few repairs and a good cleaning.

Just 12x12.  Back then I was enthralled with how easily needle and thread passed through damask and muslin. 

The tiniest stitches. 

The line of two-ply 12wt Sulky cotton whip stitched closing the seam where I stuffed it with some poly crap that is now so coarse you could scrub pots with it.

All of this mindless activity is just a distraction from the things that must be faced. Dealt with.

Sweetie ticking down her days. Bailey has to wait until Monday with an infected injury. How these innocents--and they are purely innocent--take over such chunks of ourselves. 

Tay & Grace. Grace & Tay.

Somewhere along the way, I've misplaced my fire. but I went to the park today after the temps rebounded from below freezing to nearly 55. Sat in the sun and dragged pen across paper for a while. Stared at the turtles and woodpeckers. The words wandered aimlessly, but the doing of it, the writing, felt good. When it was time to go, I left another large quilt on the bench. 

That felt good too. from 2007. A time traveler.


Nancy said...

I've had Grace and Tay much in my heart too. Now your Sweetie. I have a faraway memory of you leaving quilts? Cn't quite pull it up though. May your days with your critters be many and filled with love, may your words wander in the best ways. xo

Liz A said...

what a gift ... but now I'm wondering if you leave a note with your left-behind quilts ... if I were to find such a treasure I would surely think it needed to be returned!

Deb Lacativa said...

Liz, I forgot this time. Oh well.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

misplaced the fire, the moxie

jude said...

facing things, I need lessons.