Sunday, November 26, 2023

Shifting shades


Madame Salem is one of those cats who has a lot of opinions but uses only one sound to express them. Her clipped, breathy "mew" can be annoyed, reproachful, warning...the less said, the better.

I'm in a listening mode myself lately. Less likely to cut someone with my tongue.

It's a winter thing, listening for snow that doesn't fall. Remembering laughter and smiling at the joke. Harkening for those herald angels and the sound of the town plows after midnight.

Or maybe, it's just a turkey hangover. 

Thanks, ds, for reminding me that the Wandering Hearts page needs updating. 

And this thread! Like a summer vacation.  I recently used the last foot of it. Now to dream about how it came to be. I think Deep Space, Pagoda, and Sun Gold in a three-way stretch over some kosher salt. My kitchen is in for some kind of mess in the coming weeks.


Nancy said...

What a beautiful Winter Heart you have here Deb. 💜 Dreamy thread too.

ARTISUN said...

Ha ha, you are welcome Deb. Looking forward to seeing what's still there. The one next to Madame Salem is gorgeous!


Liz A said...

Wandering hearts page?

Deb Lacativa said...

Liz, click on Gallery on the page bar up there.