Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Treading time

Clear to me now. These are some desperate procrastination. Busting out the art when I'm not handling the grown-up details. 
Ain't it the way?
-book four and another are resting like dough. (How long can one get away with that dough thing?)
-There's a shitpot of cloth and thread standing by. 
-A flying wedge of Wandering Hearts.
So much art that needs to be looked at again, hard. If it's held up, there needs to be some serious marketing.
-There are three books waiting to be combed for cooties once again and then resubmitted to KDP, a scary process these days.
-that will and TOD-likely spendy.
-Bite the tax bullet. Not my first  IRS rodeo.
A tarot practice waiting for its moment. tapping its toe.

What did I do? Finish this one with another episode of Stanley Tucci-Searching for Italy on MAX. It's been a long time since anything on TV was that entertaining. Springsteen on Broadway or Hamilton-level entertaining.

I'll take an item from that list over coffee tomorrow. Oh, here's an action item!
 I have a Singer Centennial Featherweight hoping to get some action. Languishing in my closet is just wrong. Email me for the price and details if you have a yen for a sweet running, tiny machine. Case and attachments included.



Liz A said...

I can relate ... I was productive to the point of making a list of what needs doing ... but there's nothing checked off yet ... natch

Deb Lacativa said...

This is the first time I've put it all on the page instead of letting them chase around in my head like bunnies on acid.