Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mending bad choices


The fact that I doubled that yellow cotton in the first place is telling. I knew the cloth was thin and not up to the wear and tear of bedware. I let the color grab me. Now I'm paying for that mistake.
There are a half dozen places on this fling where the yellow has just given up the ghost so I dug in the closet and came up with a handful of sturdy old cotton prints. I only saved my favorites.

Because the front and back aren't stitched together, I had to open a side seam to inset the repairs. A few of those seams needed repairing too.

I had a moment or two of thinking "I should hand quilt the front and back together." 



And joyful things too.


Nancy said...

Aw, 5th grade!
Good on you for mending it. I've got one we were talking about today. My madness is in the thinking that I should just pitch it an buy a 20 buck thing. The time to patiently "mend" - I don't know, it doesn't grab me.

Liz A said...

yep ... I can relate ... used a piece of indigo resist on my bed cloth and knew as I stitched it that the cloth was too tender ... now only one year later I've got a mending job on my hands

5th grade is a big deal (I'm assuming it's the top grade in Charlie's elementary school) ... we have two grandsons "graduating" this year, headed to to middle school in August ... yikes!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

look at him. In the blink of an eye.

Joe Madl said...

Was it truly a mistake?! That beautiful yellow grabbed you and filled you with joy for as long as it was able. That alone, at least for me, is reason enough to celebrate it! Now…now you get to choose a new color to bring you joy! What fun!!🤩

Charlie in fifth grade already! My stars! How the time streams by!⏳🥰

Deb Lacativa said...

Yes, 5th graders are the big cheeses of his school. We will be spending weeks with each other here and there during the summer.

That crazed yellow lawn. I usually know the provenance of all my cloth but that one escaped me. It shone as long as it could.