Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Still standing

After a few weeks of imagining Summer, the weather took a left turn and I had to dig warm stuff out of the closet. Socks and boots even. I refuse to turn the heat or AC back on. The utility bills have been ghastly.  

Have no idea where or when this denim shirt came from. Tags still on it. I officially have more clothes than I need. Here I am, yes, leaning on the table to stay as upright as possible. I don't like to think about the progression of this, but it's as real as my reflection.

We got these big heavy mirrors from some renovation Jim did years ago. I love the way they catch the light and open a small room wide. There was one mounted at the bottom of the stairs so you could check yourself before you went out in public with buttons awry or flies unzipped. Recently, for no apparent reason, it cracked and broke. A third of it is still hanging there, but it's got to go. 

Its twin hangs here in the studio. Once in a while, we have to remind ourselves that we are here. 


Joanne S said...

I don't have a mirror but I find myself listing to one side or the other during each and every afternoon. I am also finding tubs etc. Wearing new to me sizes in underwear, pants and tops. All, once upon a time they were sizes I wore on the regular.

My underwear is from decades ago. possibly from the Time of The Diet. when I lost so much weight no one recognized me. and I was always ANGRY. Now it's Hangry.

I think you look beautiful. Inside and out.

Cozy Knitting said...

I have a Ring Video Doorbell. I usually don't look at them; just delete. One day I pressed the video, and suddenly I realized I now have a much wider gait and I weeble wobble when I walk. It's best to surprise oneself, I guess.

Nancy said...

We were just talking about how asymmetrical we each are. We first noticed his feet after post-surgery swelling. Haha Who knew?

I'm completely asymmetrical in every inch of my body. Makes for an interesting time...and leaning is underrated, me thinks.

Liz A said...

I remember a friend's dismay years ago when she discovered her mom couldn't get up off the floor any longer ... these days I "practice" doing just that as part of my daily stretching routine ... but I have to admit it's harder than it used to be

Joanne S said...

I haven't tried getting up off the floor but at times the couch is a difficult thing for me to get up off of... getting my husband up off the floor when he fell was a exhausting and often futile experience. I had to ask neighbors or the fire department to lift him up.

jude said...

the weather is really swinging isn't it?
I still build fires in the evening.
I have been cleaning closets. I forget stuff which means there is too much.