Wednesday, April 05, 2006


This is the first round. I overcrowded the mason jars so the soda ash didn't get full distribution causing some splotching and wash out. I picked the splotchiest, palest pieces out of the basket and overdyed them (there was leftover dye that I put in the refrigerator on the deck). This time I gave the pieces plenty of space both in the dye and plenty of soda ash. My camera refuses to see how vibrant these colors really are. Even the dark purple glows. What looks like a lame teal in the second photo is an intense leaf green. Von has asked about using more dye and overdyeing. I say "yes & yes". The more research you do on dyeing, the more conflicting information you will find. My methods fall somewhere between Melody Johnson's Lazy Dyer and something gleaned from Paula Burch's thorough and technical compendium of information. There are so many variables that it hurts my head to keep deadly track of each one (except for safety concerns) and doing anything 100% by-the-book was never my style.


Karoda said...

WOW! how fabulous! I have pulled out an table cloth that I want to dye...I picked it up about 15 years ago at an antique store...I would have never thought about dyeing it until I read about your use of dyeing linens that you find.

Anonymous said...

Ok IM drooling now!.... I assume and I know I shouldnt do that but... you are using procian MX dyes?? what kind of strenght are you using.. im finding by following the books my dyes are a bit too LIGHT for my fancy.. I want really rich looking deep colors... Any help would be appreciated.

Melly n David said...

Yesterday I did Parfait dyeing (Ann Johnston's method) and Oh-MY-Goddess! I am in LoOOoove. Will post soon.
Your results are pretty smashing, Deb! Not to mention it looks like you have baotloads there.
Got the batting! Thank you! Will try this weekend.