Sunday, March 28, 2010

Put & take

I'm really taken with the quality of that sheet that I dismembered.

Yesterday I put several of the less than stellar pieces through several other surface design techniques - some  kitchen chemistry involving Elmer's Glue, Soft Scrub and more dye, this time with a little heat boost. 

the more I look at this cloth the less inclined I am to cut it up.  I've been admiring Jimmy McBride's quilts and hammer & tongs way he goes about it.

Once I finish torturing the 8 different sections I may just put this sheet back together like Humpty Dumpty and make a bedquilt out of it.


  1. hey, i really like what happened here... and great link! wish i could get those prices... ha!

  2. Thanks for the link. Science Friday is my favorite show, but somehow I missed that. Interesting dye job, by the way. Intriguing to think how it might look reassembled.

  3. swatches look frame-able as are...


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