Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was relieved to find this one still hanging up at the office where I left it.

A notice was recently sent out instructing people about NOT  klepping  lunches from our shared refrigerators in the break room. Imagine having to write a politically correct interoffice memo about the moral issues surrounding BEING A THIEF! (read the bold letters in Sam Kinison's voice). There are no fast food joints within a reasonable distance from the office so if you don't bring something to eat, you go hungry, unless you eat something from the overpriced and under-serviced vending machines. Enough on that.

A few days away from it and now I'm pingponging back and forth between the two of them. Cousins, no doubt. Winter and Spring.  Do not wish for that which you can conjure for yourself through either hard work or deep imagination.


Dee / Cloth Company said...

that is such a stunning quilt... amazing that pilfering others' food isn't just treated as a sin, wrong, pure and simple, I agree!

the weather here in New England, even HERE where we learn to expect wild fluctuations, seems to have lost its teeny mind, too.

Patty said...

I love the colors in your work. Your confidence using them is as strong as your use of form and line.
It's a joy to see this evolving!

On stealing food...my friend used
to open a bag of chips in her dorm,
take one out and lick it, then returned it to the bag. No one ever
filched them.