Tuesday, March 15, 2011

painting, not.

Did anyone else think how incredibly arrogant I was  to think I could just pick up a brush and wail away in a medium that I never came close to understanding, much less mastering?  

My husband won't even let me paint the window trim.


  1. oh bullshit Sweetie----do it--how did we ever learn anything except by trying???????????

  2. I agree! I never took a painting class, and just started putting paint to canvas many long years ago for the sheer joy of playing with color and design! I'm no Picasso, but I ended up doing pretty good... just enjoy, maybe get a book on basic techniques. I'm assuming you are using acrylics... easiest one to get into. And forget the window trim! Sheesh!

  3. Painted for more years than I can remember. But painting on fabric for art quilts is very different. I have to start all over again. We are all learning as we go.

  4. Who says there has to be "a way" to paint, anymore than there has to be "a way" to quilt? Aren't you and Arlee and Jude and many others teaching me to give up pre-conceived notions of what is fine in any form of self expression?

  5. Cheryl, everyone...for me it's a matter of being familiar with what the medium can do, or not.

  6. You have to start somewhere. about a year before my mum dies she finally took up art. untrained. and although i spent 15 years as a painter and making good money from selling my work, i envied her art because it was so pure and so her. and i'm so glad that she did that, because now, i have some really special little pieces as part of a whole list of wonderful memories of who she was.

  7. I know of what you speak. I broke out the watercolors. In my head I was Monet, well, at least Melanie Testa, swish with the brush and reality set in. I am going to keep trying. My Gram started painting at 70 and wished she had started earlier. I am not going to have the same regret.;)


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