Saturday, March 05, 2011

frangrance as the live link to memory

Yesterday my patron saint A, bless her daily,  sent me box of treasures. I had the nerve to ASK for any pinks that she might have languishing as I don't have nearly enough for a badly planned gift.

She also included a bag full of perfume samples!
I almost peed m'self in delight as I went through the bag.

Trying on a new scent is an amazing adventure for me. Fragrance can take me places I'll never see and likewise can deposit me squarely in the past as vibrant and rich and fully expressed as the first time around. Perfume is a time machine.

Today I am rocking Cartier de Lune. I think I like the name more than the cloud I'm in but I'll give it the day and see what it conjures. My sense of smell may be slightly damaged though. I was so excited to check out all the little samples I accidentally beheaded a tiny bottle of "Jimmy Choo" thinking the spray top was a twist off..a fat dollop went directly into my mouth. Now THAT was an experience I don't want to revisit.

Here's just some of the bounty she sent and a few of my own wilder creations. I forget that pink doesn't' necessarily have to be riotous.

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Cheryl Razmus said...

Deb, do you have enough variety of pinks? Willin' to send some.