Sunday, March 13, 2011

Watchover completed

And not without some bizarre challenges. I went to press it and saw something dark in the water reservoir of my iron.

Rather than spew unknown crud on a finished piece, I took the iron into the bathroom to empty it out and clean it. The dark stuff was a horde of ants that took me close to an hour to evict down the drain. WTF?

That background damask is such a difficult color to photograph. This was taken outside just a few minutes ago, the sun down in the trees.

I haven't measured it so here is Karma to help with the scale.


  1. Oh, it's beautiful!!! And so is the cat!

  2. Beautiful! Your colors and design are so rich!
    Re: the ants... were you pressing some of your "sugar dyed" fabrics recently? Wonder if they found something to their liking in the steam holes...

  3. thank you and Madam Karma thanks you, although she knows only too well how gorgeous she is.

  4. No, dyed stuff gets washed several times before I ever (if ever) bother ironing it. They were in (or after) that bottles water that was in the reservoir. Very weird.

  5. Beautiful. I love the header, too.


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