Monday, March 07, 2011


I knew the eye would be appearing, just didn't know when.


  1. swan under the sun

  2. not my intent but the cloth has it's way each time

  3. Yes, those eyes are always watching. The golden background cloth is stunning.

  4. the eyes of march are everywhere

  5. wow! what a diff...the colors really pop in this photo compared to the one taken on the it! i have never beaded before and i finished beading my first art doll the other day, funny how it just tells you where and how much and she really wanted to be covered with on to putting on her clothes, kind of struggling with this part. different from a quilt which is nice and flat, she has so many angles. i do know, i will bead all the body parts BEFORE i put her together next time...duh....
    dye class on thursday, should be fun. have to put extra heater on in basement today so it'll be warm enough on thursday.
    how big is the piece with the "eye"

  6. The truth of the color is somewhere between the two pictures (different lighting) and I haven't yet decided how close to crop this..overall, it's about 14 inches square right now.


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