Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Full Moon celebration

Despite the unseasonable cold (it barely cleared 55 here all day) I used hot water and got a couple of great finds into the color today just to see what  would come of it.

There were some vintage finds today at a local antique place that was giving an additional discount for it's anniversary!  I hope the dye solution doesn't freeze in the night.

My little garden pots struggle on and what it that we see in the background? YES, finally! We will be opening a skating rink by the weekend if it keeps up this cold!

Colin & Raquel were here most of the day doing the dirtiest work after we let the pool go totally back to nature this winter, uncovered again. Raquel and I took two five gallon pails swarming with all kinds of tadpoles and polliwogs down to the brook and freedom.  I can swim with a clear conscience.


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    kids have gone nuts today

    full moon

    looks like your worker bees knocked the pool job out...

    again and do i have to keep saying it
    i love your color!!

  2. love your colours..what dyes are they and is it on cotton or silk? i have just found your blog and subscribed..love what l am seeing so far. lynda. Waving from UKx

  3. Lynda - I use MX dyes on cottons - these two pieces are vintage damasks.


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