Sunday, November 04, 2012

last of the trio

This is the third of my QN entries. "Los Dados Encantada" was inspired in part by Grace's black and white kids .

The ground pieces for this one (dyed and discharged vintage sackcloth, damask and sheeting)  have been "in waiting" for some time. Once I paired them with the high energy of the graphic pieces, the whole thing fell into place within 24 hours and is entirely machine stitched and finished out at 59x34 inches.

Despite the simplicity of the graphics, there's a lot going on when you come in for a closer inspection. This is another line that I will following in the months to come.
detail from Los Dados Encantada


  1. this is excellent! did you get into q.n.? you should have with this. the graphics are a stroke of genius! congratulations!

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    beauty!! it really does suggest 'goats' and also, somehow to my mind, writing... very exciting.

  3. deb...oh, los dados. and like
    them, exactly, despite their
    simplicity, there's a lot going on.

    i wish i could have sent them to
    you for further studies...but
    this Work here is just beyond
    GRAND TO ME. beyond, beyond,


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