Monday, August 13, 2012

black and white lightning

inspiration and instigation for using all the black and white things I have been making continues to strike

"Los Dados Encantada" was born this morning at 11:43 ...there are spots of blood everywhere - the base piece had five pounds off pins in it and I was in a spazrush to see these shapes fall into [the right] place..

more pictures when the time is ripe


  1. When I saw that last picture, I literally gasped and said "Wow" out loud. (And I'm at work!)

    Stunning just in this state - sooooo looking forward to seeing more!

  2. that is one STRONG tribute

  3. what IS it, about black and white?
    WHAT IS it???????
    and then
    here..amidst the intensity of
    you are a magicianista

    i thought..HEY! that's just like my dog...


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