Sunday, August 19, 2012


It's only ten in the morning and I have been moved to tears four times.

First, with coffee while I check email and such, the opening ten minutes of  the Prince of Egypt. The lullaby will be moving around in my heart for a long while and if you have seen it and really paid attention to the story, the music and the expressive animation and visuals, you know why. I will put it on later and watch it all, stitching.

 and then there's Wendy and Velma

 I got back up to the studio in time to catch CBS Sunday Morning's piece on Rufus Wainwright and then, the life and passing of Woody Davis

now I have to sit down to all this work and find heart there as well.


Nancy said...

THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing this touching post. The story of Woody really got me.

Nancy said...
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